Upcoming Classes
There will be no classroom classes for the time being due to the coronavirus pendemic.
Currently, all courses are being produced as videos.
Required courses for developers
1.HTML/CSS with JavaScript and PHP
HTML/CSS with JavaScript and PHP
3.JavaScript with AJAX and JSON
JavaScript with AJAX and JSON
4.Web Hosting cPanel
Web Hosting cPanel
5.Dart Programming
Dart Programming
6.Flutter Programming
Flutter Programming
Theoretical Courses
There are three theoretical courses to create an ERP project that a company needs. After completing this course, you can take a practical course in project production.
1.Front-End Web Development
(HTML/CSS with JavaScript & PHP)
Front-End Web Development<br>(HTML/CSS with JavaScript & PHP)
2.Back-End Web Development
Back-End Web Development<br>(PHP/SQL with MySQL,MS-SQL,SQLite)
3.Linux & WHM
Linux & WHM
Practical Courses(Projects)
Students who have completed the theory course can take the ERP project course. During the process of the ERP project, after selecting a field for each industry in which you will work, you will prepare a portfolio to be presented to the company.
1.UID User Interface Design
UID User Interface Design
2.DBM Database Modeling
DBM Database Modeling
3.AIS Accounting Information System
AIS Accounting Information System
4.PMS Production Management System
PMS Production Management System
5.WMS Warehouse Management System
WMS Warehouse Management System
6.MIS Marketing Information System
MIS Marketing Information System
1.eBusiness Fundamentals
eBusiness Fundamentals
2.eMarketing Strategies
eMarketing Strategies
3.Accounting Principles
Accounting Principles
4.ERP Practice
ERP Practice
5.eRestaurant Management
eRestaurant Management
6.Homebase eBusiness
Homebase eBusiness