Acquire your skilled ,
Korean interns today.

Acquire your skilled ,
Korean interns today.

(BOI) Back Officer Intern

The strengths of Back Officer K-Intern:

1.Support Ecommerce Website.
   Ordering, Inventory Control and Costing for your business
The economy of South Korea ranks No.1 in the world in ICT Development Index 2015 and 2015 Bloomberg Innovation Index.

2.Support development of Korean market.
   Providing the most effective Web marketing in accordance with the Korean market.
The economy of South Korea is the fourth largest economy in Asia and the 11th largest in the world.

General K-Interns

Available Positions:

Management trainees, Hotel front desk, Restaurant food preparer,
Marketing support, Administrative support, Accounting office intern,
Computer engineer including network specialties, Computer web design,
Logistics management support (Freight forwarding),
Fashion design & Merchandising, Graphic design & Product design,
Interior design & Archtectural Engineers,
Law office intern, Computer programmer, Auto cad trainee,
Civil engineering trainee, Construction trainee, Chemist trainee & many others

What fees are charged to employers exactly?
There's no fee to use K Internship services for employers.